Mother Daughter (2022)


From Evelyn Lee, Mother Daughter is a 2022 feature film that follows a mother-daughter duo after receiving devastating news, and they must process their new reality and their relationship with each other.

Title: Mother Daughter
Chinese title:  母女
Year: 2022
Running Time: 78 mins

Written & Directed by: Evelyn Lee
Produced by: Evelyn Lee, p.g.a, Shirley Lee, p.g.a.
Starring: Shirley Lee, Evelyn Lee
Director of Photography: Evelyn Lee
Editor: Evelyn Lee
Original Score by: Evelyn Lee

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A Goldenview release. ©2022 Evelyn Lee. All Rights Reserved.

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Drama, Feature, Women
Running Time
78 minutes
English, Mandarin Chinese
Chinese Title

Mother Daughter (2022)

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